Pink Jack-o-lantern Collar Clips

The cutest custom pastel jack-o-lantern collar clips made by our friends over at I'm Your Present in a colorway exclusively for us!

This clip is made from two laser cut pumpkin heads. They are connected with a 9" piece of thick, gold chain. Each clip is easy to use and position but holds on nice and tight. Sure, you could wear it to work or school but it'll also keep up with your wild and inspired dance moves.

We love these clips and think that they never get old. However, to prolong the life of yours, treat it with love! Be careful when storing it in a bag or pocket so that it does not break. Also, avoid getting any and all jewelry wet. Take it off and keep it out of the way of all showers, baths, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and sensory deprivation tanks.